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img_shakeFor all the reasons that make real estate a great career choice for some, it just doesn’t work for everyone as a full time option. While we do not believe that clients can be properly and consistently well served by part time effort, there is a great alternative for those who have earned their license and don’t want to waste the effort and expense. With no additional expense or effort other than State required continuing education, you can be part of a classic win/win/win scenario. Simply refer family, friends and others to Florida Executive Realty. If the service they need is within our reach, one of our full time and fully qualified agents will take the lead. By way of our affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, your referral opportunities expand dramatically with full access to our global network of brokers. Either way, the client gets great service whether they are selling or buying, coming or going, we get a new opportunity and you get paid a referral fee. Win/Win/Win. Getting that license can still turn out to be a great idea, call Doug Loyd at 813-972-3430 for info on how to make it happen.