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In many offices, it’s not unusual for an experienced agent to occasionally help newer agents with suggestions when the opportunity arises. Over the years, Florida Executive Realty has certainly encouraged and supported this kind of agent interaction by the example of Broker/Management support of all agents, as well as attracting and retaining the kind of senior agents who naturally enjoy the opportunity to pass along what works and what doesn’t. For many new or inexperienced agents this is helpful, but insufficient.

While Florida Executive Realty’s Start Gold-Early Career Management program provides superior learning opportunities, the clear need to quickly bring new agents to a functioning knowledge level requires additional and planned “Live Fire” training to be most effective. Our formal Mentoring for Excellence initiative is our follow-up program to the Start Gold that is designed to create mutually beneficial business relationships and learning opportunities by matching experienced & productive agents as Mentors with capable & willing new agents as Protégés.

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