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If you are reading this you are probably sensing that your current situation is something less than a win/win kind of deal. While some brokerage Business Models are decidedly Broker-centric, others brag about being Agent-centric, some seem to exist only to collect as many licenses as possible, while others remain as the “one man band” they started as. Throw in Internet brokers, 3rd party aggregators, and limited service models and you have quite the mix. A wise woman once reminded me “there is a glove for every hand” and this truth may best describe the seemingly endless number of ways there are to slice and dice the income, expenses, effort & liability that is part of any business.

Florida Executive Realty does not strive to be all things to all people. Not the smallest, nor the largest. Simply put, our vision is to earn the repeat business of our clients and the ongoing respect of our competitors & peers while enjoying the benefits of an honestly earned reputation for technical and practical expertise that is built on a foundation of ethical & moral excellence. Our efforts are decidedly Client-centric, with the full belief that to take anything less than a win/win/win approach is a recipe for extinction.

Fair play, team work, shared values and a commitment to excellence creates a synergy that makes the most of the opportunities that are there for all. If you are interested in how the win/win/win can work for you, talk to any of our agents or call Doug Loyd or Michelle Weinhold at 813-972-3430 for a confidential conversation.

Pete RadekaFlorida Executive Realty is a quality organization that employs quality real estate agents. What makes agents good at what we do and gives us a competitive advantage is the knowledge we have of the industry. For the new agent, there is a comprehensive training program called Coaching for Excellence designed to equip new or less experienced agents with sound fundamentals. For the more experienced agent, the Master’s Series offers courses that go beyond the basics. Some of the long term agents are given the opportunity to teach various sections on the Coaching for Excellence course. One of the things I have learned by doing this is that you learn by teaching. It is very rewarding and takes my skills to a higher level. Lastly, agents at Florida Executive Realty understand that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We realize that, although we compete for business, by sharing and working together, we all benefit.”

– Pete Radeka