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At Florida Executive Realty, we are constantly promoting the idea of real estate as a full time profession rather than a part time industry. To this end, we provide a professional level of Teaching, Training, and Coaching that we call S.E.A.L. Training. This comprehensive approach is focused on equipping our agents and management with the right skills, attitudes, market perspectives, support and resources for sustainable success. The digital Wild Wild West (www) continues to push an overwhelming level of information (both good and bad) at our clients, customers, and ourselves. While this will likely be the beginning of disintermediation for some in the brokerage business, it can be the same force that propels us to an even more prominent, professional, and enviable position. Lots of information can be good, but it will always be trumped by excellent local knowledge, professional level skills, and a client first perspective. The road ahead will surely have more scary moments, but when you are sure of your destination and purpose, and confident you are heading the right way, it is always a more enjoyable journey. We are both sure and confident, and would love to speak with you about being a part of our journey.

Douglas Loyd – Broker/Owner
MichelleMichelle Weinhold – General Manager